Can Addiction Make You A Target For Abuse

Can Addiction Make You A Target For AbuseWhen people abuse drugs and alcohol, they relinquish control to the drug’s powerful effects. Thus, people become vulnerable when they are under the influence of a chemical substance; they have limited or no control over their thoughts, feelings and actions. People can easily spiral out of control when they are on drugs or drinking, and unfortunately abuse is a popular result.

Other factors that contribute to abuse are stress, lack of support and untreated mental illness. These circumstances are all highly related to substance abuse. Many substance users also struggle with some form of mental health condition such as depression, posttraumatic stress disorder or bipolar disorder. When a person’s brain is compromised by drugs or alcohol, she is only able to respond to the body’s emotional urges, no matter what they are.

How Your Addiction May Be Hurting Your Loved Ones

While addiction can lead to a number of abusive events outside the home, most incidents occur inside it with one’s family, friends or loved ones. It should also be noted that abuse takes place in more than just a physical form. There are a number of ways that one’s addiction may be causing pain to loved ones. This list includes a few forms of abuse:

  • Physical abuse—this involves causing physical harm or injury to another person. Any violent act is included but other physical abuse can occur such as taking drugs or alcohol when pregnant. This will cause physical endangerment to the unborn child, usually irreversible, and is considered abuse.
  • Domestic violence—the act of physically abusing one’s spouse or children. This form of abuse is exceptionally common and will cause devastation on not just the victim but the entire family.
  • Neglect—this form of abuse is less noticeable, but it is just as common of an occurrence as physical abuse. Neglect involves failing to meet or provide for a loved one or child’s basic needs. This often occurs with substance abuse becomes most addicts become physically or mentally incapable of caring for others.
  • Emotional abuse—emotional abuse can be just as painful and dangerous. This may involve belittling, humiliating, name calling, ignoring, threatening, rejecting or bullying a person. Emotional abuse will make the victim feel worthless or like he should not exist.

The Effects of Addiction and Abuse on Families

Any form of abuse can cause devastating consequences on a victim, the abuser and anyone else who witnessed the incidents. Relationships and families can be destroyed from the horrific events that may transpire from substance abuse. Spouses, parents and children may live in fear long after the abuse subsides. The effects of abuse can cause such devastation that a person may never be the same. And, as always, physical abuse can be fatal and other forms may lead to suicidal behavior.

Please seek help for someone who is dealing with substance abuse or addiction. You can get help here by calling our toll-free helpline now. Our rehab professionals are here 24 hours a day to assist you with treatment options for individuals and families. Please, don’t risk the life of a loved one or a family member. Call us now for help.

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