Why Should I Consider Inpatient Treatment for My Addiction?

Why Should I Consider Inpatient Treatment for My Addiction?Once a person realizes that he needs help to overcome addiction it can be very difficult to navigate the seemingly endless treatment options available to him. Should he simply attend some 12-step meetings? Should he undergo daily outpatient treatment? Should he live in a halfway house? What about full-time, inpatient treatment? While each situation is different and no two addiction stories are the same, there are numerous benefits to residential treatment that should be considered carefully.

Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

When considering inpatient treatment, many people immediate think of the time, the expense, or the separation from friends and loved ones. Dramatic Hollywood depictions of rehab programs don’t help. Images of prison-like environments with bad food, gray walls, padded cells, and hopeless characters might make for good storytelling, but they don’t paint a very accurate picture of the vibrant, sensitive, and relaxing places many contemporary treatment programs are.

The following are just a handful of reasons anyone seeking recovery assistance should consider residential treatment:

  • Removal from a familiar location removes some of the temptation to leave early
  • Escaping the daily pressures of work and social pressures allows total focus on the recovery process without distraction
  • Many addicts are exhausted from months or years spent maintaining their disease and the extended opportunity to relax and recharge is critical to their physical and mental health
  • New and often life-long friendships are often formed in rehab
  • Residential treatment allows extended time for new coping and skill development
  • Extended access to counselors often leads to a deeper and more thorough level of emotional healing
  • Many residential programs offer rewarding and life-affirming opportunities to serve others
  • Some recovering addicts take advantage of residential treatment as a chance to get in better physical shape through exercise and diet modifications that are difficult to undertake in daily life

The bottom line is that inpatient treatment allows an addict to focus 100% of his energy on healing.

Critical Elements of Any Addiction Treatment Program

Any effective addiction treatment program will offer the following elements:

  • Personal counseling
  • Diagnosis of all co-occurring psychological disorders
  • Support group meetings
  • Family counseling when appropriate
  • Education
  • The cultivation of improved coping skills

That’s a lot to expect of an outpatient program, but there are some that manage it. Accomplishing that along with working a full-time job, managing bills, navigating complicated relationships, and staying connected with friends and family is truly difficult, if not impossible.

How to Find the Best Treatment Program for You

If you have questions about the pros and cons of inpatient treatment please call our toll-free, 24 hour recovery helpline. Our specially-trained admissions coordinators are available any time of day or night with confidential, no-strings-attached advice. They can even connect you with the best treatment program for your specific needs and can help navigate issues related to insurance coverage, transportation, and other logistics.

Inpatient treatment is not right for everyone, but most people desiring to put their addiction behind them find the full-time focus to be exactly what they need to get well. We can help you find the best treatment. Call now.

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